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Let us manufacture, store and even take care of sales of your merchandise when you are touring Europe. The way how to simplify the bureaucracy and be for focused on touring itself. Especially Swiss, UK and overseas bands get in touch.

Especially for overseas bands or the bands outside the European union we have a solution how to get rid of the obstacles in connection to merchandise transport, manufacture and sales. Let us manufacture or even just store your merch. We offer the marchandse storage, transport, sale and manufacture in the heart of Europe. Conditions are very reasonable and let you be more focused on the other parts of touring. Sure, it should save you the budget as well.

We can store your merchandise in the territory of EU, so you don`t have to take care of all the ATA Carnet documentation, taxes, VAT, etc. We can deliver wherever you need and even sell he goods on tour or be your EU merchandise branch.

We have a couple of very reasonable suppliers for a various merch goods. All taylor made to your needs.